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Building upgrades at Monarch Place

Our building is the home of Family Pathways.  The goal of renovation is to maintain the value of this important community structure by breathing new life into it as a center for family/community services and education.  The development plan includes three phases:

Phase I
reached completion in January 2007.  This Phase included renovation of the entire second floor and construction of a new elevator with an accessible entrance on the first floor.  This entrance also provides access to the east entry of the train tunnel.



Phase II was completed in 2010 and provided a complete upgrade of the first floor. This included renovation of a 10,000 square foot area with space being developed for other children's programs and classroom space for the Training Institute.  The most interesting and unique feature of this phase is the train tunnel that ran through the center of the first floor. The tunnel is approximately 13.5 feet wide and 65 feet long with the tracks still in place. The train tunnel was transformed into a historical corridor that leads to training facilities within Monarch Training Institute. The ceiling remained vaulted with copper panels and Tiffany lighting installed to enhance the decor. The transformation from industrial to a community learning center is remarkable and merits a visit.

                                      Before                                                                                                            After





Phase III
is well under way and will include the completion of Monarch Training Institute. This construction of the west wing is complete and the former brick warehouse has been transformed into four large classrooms. A 12,000 square foot addition will be added to the west side of the building where the steel warehouses were torn down twenty years ago. The Training Institute will include a great hall, tiered auditorium, kitchen, conference and meeting rooms, as well as a children's activity center with play area.




Monarch Place

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